10 September 2011

online shopping etiquette

You've probably seen some online classifieds where the seller seems very hostile to potential buyers.

Though we do not condone harsh behavior, we understand as online sellers why some vendors lose their cool and why many resort to publishing a notorious blacklist of banned customers:  There are as many bogus buyers and joy reservers on the web as there are scammers.

Thankfully, we have not yet become bratzillas of virtual buying and selling. We know we won't if all buyers practice basic online shopping etiquette.

  1. Contact the merchant first. Do not just leave a comment and ask the seller to call you. 

  2. Allow the seller reasonable time to respond. A number of online sellers have day jobs.

  3. Respect price listings. One of the questions that irks merchants the most is, "Last price?"

  4. Haggle reasonably if the seller indicates that prices are negotiable.

  5. Make reading a habit. Read the ad. Read what is required to place and confirm your order.

  6. Follow the rules. Do not demand that the merchant bend them for you.

  7. Ask questions nicely. Say "please" and "thank you." They're music to the ears.

  8. Honor your word... and if you can't, then at least let the seller know.


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