06 September 2011

3 common practices that can void PayPal buyer protection

We love PayPal. While there are fees for using the service, please know that the charges are on us. What we want you to learn today are the ins and outs of PayPal buyer protection. 

In the interest of full disclosure, be aware that there are some things that do no qualify for or will void such protection. These include:

Personal payments. Beware of vendors who ask you to pay by selecting the "Personal payment" option. Doing so voids buyer protection.

Moreover, pulling the funds from your credit card means you will have to shoulder PayPal's surcharges to the tune of 3.4 (for domestic) to 3.9 (for international) percent of your total purchase PLUS P15.

In order to stay safe and be covered by PayPal, look for the "Pay now" or "Express Checkout" button (like the one we have on site). You can also click the "Send money" tab when you are logged on to your PayPal account. Make sure you click "I am paying for goods..." (and not "I'm making personal payments.")

Deposits. To some buyers, the option to get the item after 2 or 3 "gives" is a very tempting offer. However, agreeing to pay a partial deposit to secure your order and to settle the balance upon receipt of the item is one of the most common payment schemes that will blow your chances for a PayPal refund claim. 

The protection policy is only applicable to full payments made. It won't matter whether you used PayPal to send the reservation or deposit fee. Installments and staggered payment deals are clearly out of the picture.

Since you must shell out the complete payment in order to qualify for PayPal buyer protection, it is wise to gather all information that you can find about the vendor and about the item before making a purchase.

Shipping. If you did not receive the item, but the seller was able to present proof that the item was shipped (say, a tracking number), PayPal will no longer act on your claim for a refund. 

The best precaution is to ask the vendor to insure your package. This way, you can still get your money back in case the courier loses your package in transit.


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