04 September 2011

Is online shopping for you?

According to Buy and Sell Philippines, 8 out of 10 people who browse web stores and online shops are already decided buyers. 

These individuals are highly likely to purchase an item and have the ready funds to do so once they have found the best merchant or the best bang for their buck.

The big question is: Is online shopping for you? Use our list to diagnose your shopping behavior. Online shopping may not be for you if you:
  • Believe that cold, hard cash upon the actual delivery is the only way to pay. In fact, 90 percent of the web stores that we know follow a pre-paid buying arrangement. Credit card payments and other forms of online payments such as PayPal transfers render good-old cash-only transactions obsolete.

  • Feel unsafe with electronic banking. From a handful of legitimate and secure payment sites, there are thousands of others that will engage in phishing attempts, identity theft and hacking. There is real reason to be wary of sites that offer to store and move your money.

  • Value anonymity. Unless you pay by credit card, shopping in malls does not require you to divulge your full name or complete mailing address when you hand over your payment to the cashier. These pieces of information are vital in online shopping and item shipping.

  • Fully agree to the saying, "To see is to believe." Online shopping requires some leap of faith and an extra large dose of precautions. If you are 99 percent convinced that all transactions are scammy and that all sellers are bogus, then it's best to stick to traditional shopping.

  • Don't mind paying extra for a sense of security. What makes online shopping attractive is the price tag. For a couple of bucks more, malls capitalize in providing you with a sense of security. You basically pay extra knowing that you will be issued official receipts, you can inspect and fit items before purchasing them, and you are covered by standard warranties.


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