23 September 2011

Are you a shopping grinch?

One of the things that most people look forward to is shopping on holidays. The excitement derived from the activity is not to be argued, but we think that overall, Christmas shopping is not such a good idea:

Criminals are busy. They know people will be spending money, so expect many of them to take advantage the minute you let your guard down. From identity thieves to burglars and pickpockets and arsonists -- you're not the only one who's loving the Christmas season. 

Shipping is oftentimes delayed. It's not just because couriers are overbooked and understaffed, but it's also because the yuletide season is synonymous to "bad" weather conditions: snow in some countries, and rain storms in others. If you need something delivered by Christmas, it's best to send the package a month or two ahead.

Your stress level shoots up. Who doesn't get stressed? Shops are crowded, lines are long, and traffic is heavy. You need to keep your guard against opportunitists, and you've got to stretch your budget to accommodate gift giving, dining out and taking care of your monthly expenses. A number of families get "broke" during Christmas and start out the New Year with zero cash.

So are you a shopping grinch? We don't blame you. Christmas is the perfect time to bond with your family, but it's the worst time to do your last-minute shopping. Take our advice: Shop early and make way for a stress-free, more relaxing yuletide celebration. 


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